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About Ripped: Ripped are currently writing and recording the songs for their next CD and first feature film ! They are once again joined with Producer, Ashton Price (Blow Your Mind), and their new manager, Mike Puskas of Dead Famous Artists & Astral Records.
Since their debut Album “Bloodshot” (Sextant, EMI) in 2002 with James Stewart ( The Cult) and Mike Hanson (Glass Tiger), Ripped have enjoyed great success in spreading their music through out the world and gaining great recognition for their unique sound and songwriting.
Their follow up “Blow your Mind” (Sextant, Koch) in 2005 & 2006 took them to a new level of worldwide recognition and their music has spread like wildfire. Ashton Price (Producer) shared his brilliant talent of creating a complete sound that broke through all the mediocrity of today’s music and was complimented by the mixing of industry veteran Dave Rave Ogilvie (Bowie, NIN, Manson)
Now with 7 music videos, 2 making of documentaries, 5 singles and many other nominations and awards for their achievements in music, Ripped are ready to conquer new territory and will set the bar higher for all those that follow.
A few personal words about the band and their thoughts ....
Ripped have always been a band of focus and intent. Their music is carefully thought out and created with a higher purpose. Melody and harmonies fill this alternative/new rock music with driving rhythms and catchy guitar riffs.
What is important to Ripped ? Lyrics must search inside one’s self for knowledge and wisdom. They don’t hate or love the world .... they just try to understand it and gain some truth from it. Music must be melodic and produced with a unique, identifiable sound.

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