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Scarlet BLONDE

About Scarlet BLONDE: Pure, unadulterated pop/rock - that's what Glasswerk New Music Award Winners (Best Electronica band) and MadBouncyDog music chart toppers Scarlet BLONDE aim to bring you.

With the debut album 'Bedroom Superstars' (hyperMEDIA), collaborators Ditch and DawnyVic serve up shimmering slices of pop candy much in the tradition of their influences, which span just about everything from 80's synth, 70's punk, New Wave, Dance, Hip-Hop and full-on in your face Rock.

The duo's colourful past also forms part of their unique approach to music and life in general, with an often acerbic wit seeping through their pop-rock wall of sound....

You know, just the usual stuff - like Ditch's 'perfect for the tabloids' love-life (he was married to a bisexual porn actress) to DawnyVic's well-hailed axe mastery - which has landed her a seat among the UK's rock royalty. Together, they form a most unusual synthesis that defies corporate rock, and yet embraces perhaps its future form.

Already hailed by one UK reviewer as 'passionate, rock-solid and intoxicating', 'Bedroom Superstars' features soon-to-be hits like the electro-rock 'Electric'; hip hop-tinged 'I Don't Know' and the more deceptively electronic 'Whenever Whatever'.

Scarlet BLONDE look to be the breakout artists of 2008 and they mean business.
"...this ain't retro - this is cool, rockin' twenty-first century pop-mongery, lean, crisp and done to perfection! Scarlet BLONDE "love pop music like it used to be" and they take all of those early influences and re-model aspects of them into one very 'now' sounding, intoxicating, wild brew of a musical beast. Scarlet BLONDE are totally focussed and dedicated to their chosen musical direction and their combined passion shows in their rock-solid and precisely crafted work - Scarlet BLONDE mean business; they're a bit like a runaway train that's heading your way - still on the rails, heavy with momentum and unstoppable." Toxic Pete

"The attitude of Goldfrapp, mixed with a hefty pinch of up-beat Sugarbabe, and boasts spot on harmonies…drips with potential" Glasswerks

"A violent synth beat reminiscent of those heady Sheffield days of the 80’s. Stuff dreams are made of... it knocks seven sorts of shit out of most of the indie based guitar based bands that are spouting from every other myspace page. Oddly addictive" Get Ready to Rock

"Catchy looped drum riffs, mixed with atmospheric sounds" Pow wow wow

"SB have taken electro and made it irresistibly sexy...an ice cool slice of cocksure rock n roll, full of suitable attitude and swagger. Violent post-punk vocals slither above the throbbing industrial beats and wayward synths, sexy music by sexy people…" Subba-Cultcha

"I find (Scarlet BLONDE) impossible to stop playing...it really works...(an) endearing 21st century dance groove" Sandman Magazine

"Went to see Scarlet Blonde...at the Good Ship in Kilburn. Despite having a combined height no greater than a couple of matchboxes they really belt the tracks out and are well worth seeing. Oh, and Dawnyvic has the distinction of being the only woman in the world who's cuter than her pictures on myspace." mocktorcentric

"Watch out for Scarlet Blonde in the coming months [they are] going to be hugely popular on the dance floor, in clubs and in bedrooms across the UK." Room Thirteen

"this artist has the potential to bring Electronica further into the pop mainstream...it is hard to fault the performance musically, vocally or lyrically" Oxide Radio

"Whenever Whatever" plays like an anthem from a club scene. It is a catchy track with suitably angry and offensive lyrics. The vocal lead is full of attitude, which complements the darker electronica accompaniment. " Burst Radio

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