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Ray Jozwiak

About Ray Jozwiak: I am a Baltimore-based creative musician marketing my solo piano (and piano-based) recordings and performance of my eclectic original music. It's hard to describe, but essentially it's based in jazz.

All the music I heard growing up mixed around in my little brain and was hammered out in some form or fashion (on the accordion nonetheless) intermingled with Lady of Spain and the Beer Barrel Polka. Still learning from inspired young minds like Ani DiFranco, System of a Down, Beck, Fishbone, Metallica, Les Claypool and others.

Some pretty weird stuff to influence a solo pianist. But influence it has, and after playing music for about forty years, I now have the confidence and the maturity (I'm a late bloomer)to say THIS is what I've got to offer. I hope you like it.

I've played (in Baltimore) at the 13th Floor Lounge-The Belvedere, The Kiss Cafe, Gardel's Supper Club, The Baltimore Songwriters Association, The Baltimore Book Fair and GBMC. My CDs (CHROMATOSE, CRITIC'S CHOICE and PUT A FINGER ON IT) are available for purchase at CD Baby and a host of music downloading sites including Apple I-Tunes. Just click below to purchase or go to http://www.cdbaby.com/all/rjozwiak.

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