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Green Man

About Green Man: Building on traditional lyrics and melodies combined with original lyrics and compositions, Green Man delivers a cinematic soundscape ranging from Celtic to Appalachian to Arabic. Dark, beautiful, layered, hallucinogenic, and smart; think 1 Giant Leap, Portishead, and Massive Attack filtered through Middle Eastern and Celtic sensibilities. The result is unique, exciting and fresh.

The palette of sounds is large and varied, melding acoustic instruments (flutes, tin whistle, accordion, cittern, sitar) with contemporary (loops, techno beats, samples, sequencers, Eastern percussion/rhythms, thunderous drums, heavy rock guitars) -- all tied together with rich male/female lead vocals and lush three-part harmonies.

The blend of modern instrumentation with those often found in traditional Celtic music creates a beautiful new sound that will not disappoint the afficianado of this genre. Great listening by any standard.

Green Man creates a sound and mood that is decidedly their own -- don't miss this one.

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