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About Pi: This story begins in 2001, when Pi teamed up with Tommy Boy artist/producer Pfilbryte for her first album, Irrational. The response to Irrational was overwhelming, leading Pi to a management deal with NYC’s Alabina Entertainment, and a European record deal with the French Atoll Music label.

Several tours and three albums later, Pi’s 2007 release, The Curse of the Songwriter, was much loved by TV and music critics alike. Songs from Curse were featured in several popular TV shows and indie films (below), and Singer Magazine dubbed Pi’s vocals “flexible and flawless”.

Pi’s latest offering, Fire Horse Girl, sees her teaming up with veteran producer/engineer Randy Wine (U2, Aretha Franklin, ++). While Fire Horse Girl evokes the whispers of great 70’s singer songwriters, its approach and lyrics are completely fresh. Featuring great musicians, Pi’s smoky alto soars over this warm bed: sultry, but playful, walking the invisible line between musicality and indulgence with tightrope perfection. Lyrically, Fire Horse Girl tackles familiar singer-songwriter topics with a new twist: her lyrics get under your skin and touch your heart. Love, obsession, abandonment, friendship, and commitment, share time in the spotlight. With Fire Horse Girl, Pi keeps it simple… fun songs you can sing along to as they weave their way into your life, where they belong. Look for Fire Horse Girl out October 13, 2009.

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by: Pi
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Type: Song
Subject: [None]
Genres: R & B , Singer-Songwriter , Soft Rock
Moods: Longing , Reflective , Thoughtful
Styles: Love , Nostalgic , Peace
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , Organ , Vocals
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Fire Horse Girl
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