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Ryan Wickersham

Website: www.myspace.com/ryanwickersham
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About Ryan Wickersham: “I’m singing about things that will never go away no matter where you are in your life. I want my music to be timeless. I want to create music that can be whispered between two people wrapped up in an intimate moment, and screamed by thousands on a summer night.”—Ryan Wickersham

With his debut album completed and all the musical talent, drive and hope you could possibly fit inside a 19 year old artist, Ryan is a guitar-playing, love-song-singing old soul.

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Play Song  Beautiful Night

by: Ryan Wickersham
Uploaded by: ryanwickersham

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Type: Song
Subject: love, growing up, life
Genres: Acoustic , Acoustic Rock , Alternative , Ballad , Pop , Rock , Singer-Songwriter
Moods: Atmospheric , Bouncy , Dramatic , Emotional , Heartfelt , Positive , Romantic
Styles: Ballad , Happiness , Love , Memories , Nostalgic , Story , The O.C. , ThirtySomething , TV Drama , TV Themes
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , Bass - Electric , Guitar - Electric , Percussion , Strings , Vocals
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