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Blair Packham

Website: www.blairpackham.com
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About Blair Packham: Pop music with an edge. Americana from Canada. Smart lyrics, catchy tunes. Proudly indie, free and clear to license to all media. Music previously licensed to "Dawson''s Creek", BBC, HBO, CBC, CTV, Global Television, The Food Network, Outdoor Life, TSN, feature films and documentary films.

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by: Blair Packham
Uploaded by: Blare

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Type: Song
Subject: Regret, missed opportunity
Genres: Americana , Anti-folk , Folk
Moods: Calm , Careful , Cautious , Disillusioned , Doubtful , Dreamy , Emotional , Haunting , Longing , Meditative , Mournful , Peaceful , Pensive , Relaxed , Sincere , Soft , Solemn
Styles: After School Special , Ballad , Childrens Production , Dramatic Soundtrack , Fairy Tales , Lullaby , Soap Opera , The O.C. , ThirtySomething , TV Drama
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , Electric Organ , Vocals
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