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Website: www.ernestcooper.com
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About SUPER COOPER: SUPER COOPER is amazing and very unusual. He is Dance, Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz and R&B all combined into one. He compose specialized music for TV, film, documentaries and advertising jingles. He is positive message and the most unique best kept secret of Hip Hop music. He is an oldie but goodie, a classic Hip Hop pioneer from out of the vintage 70’s.

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Type: Song
Subject: Yeah this is Super Cooper and I'm chilling, willing, wheeling and dealing not illing but doing a whole lot of positive message in the place to be. This song is called 'Pump Up The Knowledge'. Its a lot of people walking around not using their head and doing a lot of stupid negative things. Lets pump up some good positive things now!
Genres: Dance , Disco , Funk , Hip Hop , House Music , Power-Pop , R & B , Rap , Soul , World Music
Moods: Dancing , Dramatic , Driving , Energetic , Forceful , Hypnotic , Positive , Sincere , Swingin , Uplifting
Styles: Broadway Musicals , Celebration , Dramatic Soundtrack , Excitement , History Channel , Indian , Mystery , Nightclub
Instruments: Drum Machine , Electric Organ , Guitar - Electric , High Hat , Horns , Jazz Guitar , Keyboard/Synthesizer , Organ , Percussion , Spoken Words , Vocals
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