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Alexey Maximov

Website: www.audiosparx.com/AlexeyMaximov
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About Alexey Maximov: Alexey Maximov is a talented young composer from Russia who creates exciting music for Film, TV, and Commercials. With a focus on simple yet catchy melodies and high-quality production, he writes creative tracks in the Dramatic, Electronic, and Rock genres, among others. From the chilled out acoustic groove of "Beginning Of This Good Day," to the smoking hot energy of "Electroengine," Alexey's work is great for a wide range of projects. His diverse influences range from Chet Atkins and Elvis Presley to The Prodigy, Skrillex, Nirvana, Kasabian, and Hans Zimmer.

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Play Song  Clap With Me

by: Alexey Maximov
Uploaded by: AlexeyMaximov

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: Clap With Me
Genres: Acoustic , Acoustic Rock , Americana , Brit Pop , Indie , Pop , Pop Folk , Rock , Soft Rock
Moods: Bouncy , Bright , Confident , Cool , Driving , Energetic , Fun , Joyful , Playful , Positive
Styles: Elevator Music/Public Access TV , Inspirational , Motivational , News/Corporate , Summer , TV Themes
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , Bass - Electric , Clapper , Drums , Electric Organ , Guitar , Guitar - Electric , Hammond , Recorder , Tambourine
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