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Lindsay Katt

Website: www.myspace.com/lindsaykatt
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About Lindsay Katt: Lindsay Katt’s ethereal voice and introspective nature have found a place in the music business.
Self taught, in the mountains of Montana, she developed her own unique style, taking chances with her sound and lyrics. The resulting melodies are haunting, uplifting, poignant and quirky.
Now promoting her debut CD “Picking Out Boxes” (mastered by Legendary engineer Greg Calbi)
Lindsay can be heard on college radios around the country! Her new CD can be found for sale now a http://www.myspace.com/lindsaykatt or http://www.digstation.com/lindsaykatt
Continually pushing herself, and challenging her listeners, Katt hopes that they can embrace the personal music she’s creating and find some truth of their own invention.

No matter how you spin it, the heartfelt sounds of this fresh new artist sure to inspire and delight.

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Play Song  My Happy

by: Lindsay Katt
Uploaded by: lindsaykatt

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Type: Song
Subject: [None]
Genres: Acoustic , Ballad , Folk , Indie , Pop , Pop Folk , Singer-Songwriter
Moods: Bouncy , Brassy , Breakthrough , Bright , Campy , Contemplative , Curious , Dreamy , Easy , Energetic , Flirtatious , Friendly , Fun , Funny , Good , Happy , Heartfelt , Hopeful , Inquisitive , Joyful , Lively , Magical , Peaceful , Pensive , Positive , Quirky , Reflective , Romantic , Silly , Suggestive , Thankful , Thoughtful , Unfriendly , Uplifting
Styles: Celebration , Comedy , Happiness , Humanity , Love , Memories , Motivational , Togetherness
Instruments: [No Data]
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Picking Out boxes
YouLicense  says:
02/25/2009 02:22
excellent song!